White Label Solution


Lifestyle Media Group has a number of white label opportunities available for websites who wish to turn their traffic into revenue and data. Working with blue chip media companies such as The Daily Telegraph, ITV, Scottish Television, Teletext and Bauer Publications such as Take-a-Break and Yours. LMG has developed a set of white labels websites which enable them to monetize their traffic and gather real information about those visitors to thier websites.


THE TECHIE BIT: White Labelling is where one website takes the content of another website and embeds it into its own website. Most websites these days are built in a modular way with the header and the footer being independent of the central content. What this means is that a partner can simply embed our white label content into their own website using an iFrame, add their own header and footer to the page and thereby achieve a seamless fit with their current website design. Then, using strategically placed links in the menu and content on other pages the white label service is promoted to their web visitors.


Our most frequently used white label feature provides our partners with the opportunity to add a free brochure or catalogue request service to their own website. This can incorporate the complete range of catalogues and/or brochures available on the LMG websites, or it can be a selection of either which is particularly relevant to our partner and their audience/readership.There are multiple benefits to this type of feature:

DATA: By embedding the free brochure service into the partners web page then linking to it via the menu or within general content, the partner drives visitors to the request service. Visitors wishing to use the request service must enter their full postal and email details in order to be eligible to receive the catalogues and brochures they would like. Under normal circumstances visitors to most of our partner’s websites are information gathering, not information giving and come and go without identifying themselves. For major media companies, of course, identifying their audience has always been through subscriptions or cover charges – the web is less personalised. The LMG white label feature therefore adds a huge benefit to our partners enabling them to identify their web visitors.

REVENUE: Whilst the LMG request model is free for the consumer to use, the essential revenue stream is based on a fee per request received from our own clients (see our list of clients). A white label partnership is very much a two-way street with the partner providing a relevant audience and LMG providing an appealing and diverse range of catalogues and brochures to suit every interest. Our white label partners enjoy a share of the revenue which we receive from our clients. This represents a very satisfactory co-operation which we have been successfully enjoying with our partners for almost a decade.

CONSUMER SATISFACTION: Finding a catalogue or holiday brochure on a familiar and trusted website - which is a criteria into which all our white label partners fit – is an added bonus to using our partners websites. Their data protection options are made clear to them and their opt-in/opt-out preferences are recognised and recorded. However, most importantly of all they know exactly where to come to look for further information the next time they are planning a holiday or looking for a new outfit.

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