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Sender Score Certified MembershipLifestyle Media Group is honoured to have been Sender Score Certified ( for over 3 years, with a 100% approval rating across its entire range of IP addresses. Qualification for membership of Return Paths Certification is a genuine recognition of best practices by Lifestyle Media Group in terms of email standards, email quality, email deliverability and the fight against spam, with Return Path, Inc. approving both its technical infrastructure and bespoke email delivery platform.

Membership means that our emails are automatically white listed with many ISP's including Hotmail, Live, Yahoo etc. (based on electronic authentication protocols and on the reputation of IP addresses that send emails). As a result, those ISP partners automatically consider emails sent from IP addresses authenticated by Sender Score Certified to be of high quality and legitimate and therefore safe to deliver directly into the inbox of recipients.

Sender Score Certification ensures that:

  • Correct feedback loop and bounce handling
  • Continuous maintenance of high quality email databases
  • SpamTraps
  • Emails are shown directly in the inbox, no extra clicks needed
  • IP reputation and maintenance
  • Transparency of the sender of the emails
  • Easy access to unsubscribe links on sites and in emails

A recent quote from Matt Blumberg the CEO of Return Path, Inc. show just how seriously commercial senders need to take their certification, not just in qualifying in the first instance, but the on-going commitement required to keep their certification:

"It’s not easy to GET Certified. You have to be a really, really good mailer. Not just a real entity. Not just a big spender. You have to send mail that is safe and secure and wanted by end users. We have a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods we can use to determine this, and the requirements for Certified status and therefore Inbox placement are carefully negotiated and regularly reviewed with our ISP partners. Once a client is Certified, it’s not easy to STAY Certified because we are monitoring all of those same standards in real time, 24×7. Clients who go out of bounds get immediately suspended from the program until they are back in bounds. Clients who go out of bounds enough, we just terminate from the program for good."


Founded in 1999, Return Path helps mailers get more email delivered to the inbox. Our tools and services give commercial senders the tools and insight to monitor and diagnose deliverability failures, build better email reputations, and minimize or prevent future blocking, and rendering problems. Return Path works with both the sending and receiving communities to bring transparent standards to email delivery and filtering. Return Path runs the internet’s most widely used whitelist, Sender Score Certified.

Your broadcasts can contain whatever call to action is required - drive traffic to your website, requests for more information, register interest. Any email selections can be made based upon age, gender, sex, location, areas of interest, affluence, even house type . . . read more

Our proprietary email broadcasting platform nGage has been developed in-house over the past 10 years. This means we ensure the highest delivery rates achievable for our campaigns and those of our clients . . . read more

Lifestyle Media Group is an officially qualified member of Return Path's Sender Score Certified accreditation programme. This coveted qualification is a genuine recognition of best practice certification achieved by LMG in terms of email deliverability . . . read more


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