Email Broadcasting Tools


Our design team have many years of experience preparing and designing visually stimulating and effective email creatives for broadcasting our clients message clearly. Of course, we are always happy to work with your own email creatives if you prefer.


To ensure your email is universally viewable, we provide you with screen shots of your email on over 25 of the most popular web email clients, 20 of the most popular desktop clients (MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Gmail, Mobileme, Hotmail, Yahoo etc) as well as multiple different devices (iPhone, iPad, Android Galaxy Tab etc). We know the importance of email marketing but more importantly, we know the importance of doing email marketing in the right way. Email content improperly coded may cause your email to be rejected by major ESPs and subsequently your email marketing campaign will fail.

Preview in 25+ Web Clients
Preview your email in 25 different web based email clients.
Preview in 20+ Desktop ClientsPreview your email in 20 different desktop email clients.

SPAM: To ensure the highest possible deliverability we will also run your email through the most popular spam filters: Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and MobileMe, SpamAssassin etc.


Your email broadcasts can contain any call to action that is required - drive traffic to your website, requests for more information, register interest. By looking at demographic, socio-economic, geo-location, aspirations and interests our sophisticated segmentation tools can help you identify the audience that is most likely to respond to your offering.


Visual Email Analytics
Once your campaign is live, we will send you periodic reports, detailing the following:

  • Total Email Open Rate
  • Unique Email Open Rate
  • Number of times Email was Printed
  • Number of times Email was Forwarded
  • Average Duration the email was viewed
  • Number of click-thru’s
  • Email Client Breakdown
  • Geographic distribution of Email Opens

You can of course include your own tracking pixels and tracked links, our statistics form an additional layer of available data from which you can carry out further analysis.

Your broadcasts can contain whatever call to action is required - drive traffic to your website, requests for more information, register interest. Any email selections can be made based upon age, gender, sex, location, areas of interest, affluence, even house type . . . read more

Our proprietary email broadcasting platform nGage has been developed in-house over the past 10 years. This means we ensure the highest delivery rates achievable for our campaigns and those of our clients . . . read more

Lifestyle Media Group is an officially qualified member of Return Path's Sender Score Certified accreditation programme. This coveted qualification is a genuine recognition of best practice certification achieved by LMG in terms of email deliverability . . . read more


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