Low Volume Fulfilment


Do you offer a "request our brochure/catalogue" feature on your own websites? If so, you will appreciate the importance of a request from a prospective new customer. You will also recognise the both the extra resources you need and the high cost of your small volume postage to get a brochure off in the post as quickly as possible.

LMG’s micro-fulfilment service can undertake this essential but time-consuming task and at the same time guarantee to despatch brochures within 24-48 hours. Our bespoke fulfilment management process also ensures that we are able to combine together into one batch small quantities of brochures across a wide range of clients and you therefore enjoy the benefits of the best discounts available from Royal Mail.

“Lifestyle Media Group has consistently performed above target in our recent lead generation campaigns. We have found them an invaluable resource in promoting our online presence and their fulfilment department has dispatched brochure requests at a smooth and efficient pace. We look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Visit Canterbury - James Williams, Destination Marketing Manager


Please complete the form below and we will send you a free of charge, no obligation fulfilment quote.

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