Brochure Phone Fulfilment


We offer a UK based telephone answering service from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and an automated voicemail system for out of office hours. A dedicated local or 08xx phone number can be assigned to your campaign and you will receive weekly reports detailing out the volume of enquiries. Our skilled operators key the details into our system using real-time PAF verification to ensure that every address is 100% correct. Those catalogue and brochure requests will then be added to our micro-fulfilment system and receive our best despatch and discount rates.

  • Calls are answered by professionally trained UK based staff
  • Calls are answered with the clients name, ensuring brand continuity and reassuring the caller
  • Custom call scripts can be used
  • Custom data can be gathered; e.g. questionnaires/quizzes
  • Data gathered can be sent to the client in real-time or weekly csv
  • "Out of hours" voicemail message is fully customizable; messages are recorded to mp3 format and transcribed the following morning
  • Flexible & highly scalable; new phone numbers can be added within an hour
  • Pay per request, or for the time our operators are on calls

Call our experienced client services team on 01223 495 599 to find out more.


Please complete the form below and we will send you a free of charge, no obligation fulfilment quote.

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