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Premium Lead Nurturing works. A flexible Lead Nurturing process is an essential componment to maximising the ROI of any lead generation or digital marketing strategy.

Building an organic process to interact with your potential customers will ensure that higher percentages of your incoming leads convert. Generating interest and capturing consumer data is the first step towards conversion - lead nurturing is the rest of the journey.


Lead Nurturing is how you respond to incoming consumer interactions. It is a flexible and dynamic marketing method of engaging with potential customers who express an interest in your brand. By structuring your consumer marketing with relevant and trust building content, you will naturally persuade many more of your potential customers to buy from you.

Incoming interest from consumers may result from various avenues; mailing list sign ups, social media engagement or direct mail responses, meaning your strategy has to be flexible and tailored to varying consumer expectations. View our Advanced Lead Nurturing Guide to explore an introduction to lead segmentation.


What does our introduction to Lead Nurturing Package involve?

  • We research your brand and liaise with you to find out about your goals
  • We create a series of 5 bespoke nurturing emails to help you engage with new / existing consumers to help increase your conversions and customer retention
  • We send out the 5 emails at intervals of 4-7 days to your database
  • You then track the opens / read / conversion rates to analyse the response

This package is ideal for businesses looking to achieve higher conversion rates from their exsiting database or explore new marketing avenues to expand their business.

Get in touch with us to find out more or read our FAQs below.


What's included in the package?
Our team will create a bespoke 5-touch-point email nurturing process for you, including all aspects of email design. We'll discuss your brand guidelines and marketing goals with you beforehand to ensure that all creatives match your existing content. Broadcasting, integration and tracking are included also.

What if I already send out emails to my leads?
That's great! The 5 nurturing emails can either slot in to your existing marketing process or start from scratch - whichever you prefer.

Do I send out the emails or do you?
Again it's up to you. Our IT department can take care of the legwork for you, integrating the emails into your current process or creating a bespoke automation system to handle the broadcasting. We will send the 5 emails to your potential customers in 4-7 day stages, depending on the timeframes we discuss with you, and you then track all the results.

Can I send out more than 5 emails?

Our introductory package offers a maximum of 5 nurturing emails. For greater options and flexibility, please see are Advanced Lead Nurturing package.


This is our premium consultancy and design package intended for businesses with an existing database and lead nurturing process. The emphasis is placed on longer term processes and the option to segment consumer journeys by incoming channel.

  • Choose from nurturing campaigns of between 5 and 15 emails
  • Segment consumer journeys by marketing channel such as sign ups or literature requests
  • Design, ccopywriting, coding, broadcasting and analysis included as standard
  • Enjoy greater flexibility with structure, timeframes, automation and more

This is the ultimate lead nurturing consultancy package. You stay in control whilst benefitting from 15 years of digital marketing experience.

Get in touch with us to find out more or read our FAQs below.


What's the difference between the introductory and advanced packages?
Greater flexibility and longer term campaigns. The expertise remains the same but you enjoy a higher level of automation and structural options.

What level of input is required from me?
We'll discuss what your goals are and what your brand guidelines are too. The more content you can point us towards the better but we'll conduct extensive research on our own before presenting you with a process proposal. All you need to do is approve the process and creatives, we can do the rest.

Is there a data limit on your automation software?
We can tailor a process and send it to up to 100,000 records. If you already have automation software we will advise you on how to structure the program and provide you with all creatives otherwise we can set everything up for you.

How much does it cost?
The package is structured by available options, which are many, so it depends on how many touch-points you want the process to include and what level of automation you require. Please contact us to discuss the options and we can give you a full breakdown.


As with all of our products our Lead Nurturing packages can be combined with a Lead Generation campaign for maximum impact. We'll generate the leads for you and automatically integrate them into a bespoke nurturing process - delivering the highest possible ROI.

If you want to discuss combined Lead Generation and Nurturing packages please gives us a call or get in touch to find out how we can help.

Lead nurturing is the path to higher ROI and better results. It is the process of converting prospects in your database into buyers . . .


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