Premium lead generation has been found to vastly out-perform the other types of lead generation in terms of quality, accuracy, transparency, targeting and ROI. At its core Premium Lead Generation is the unincentivized method of gathering information about a consumer who has stated they are interested in, and has given their express consent to be contacted about, a specific product or service. This makes them 100% GDPR-compliant for the brand. The consumer actively responds to "response-driven" marketing by submitting their detailed contact information which typically includes full name, postal address, contact telephone numbers and email address and often additional qualifying questions.

This type of lead generation works in a very transparent way. Consumers understand that they will be contacted by the advertiser about the product or service in question which ensures leads are not only responsive, targeted and of high quality but also as close as possible to making a purchasing decision as any new prospect can be. Brands receiving information about consumers at this stage in their purchasing journey can be sure that this lead is well matched to their products or services.

Premium leads are mostly generated and delivered in real-time, allowing the brand to interact with his consumer prospect at the key time in their buying decision cycle; maximising the brand's opportunity to close a sale and achieve a return on their investment.

The long arm of Lifestyle Media Group stretches to the boundaries of digital performance marketing meeting and managing client expectations with accountable results. Building our client's database with relevant leads – prospects waiting for some form of communication – is at the heart of the Lifestyle Media Group lead generation and engagement strategy.


Calls to action come in many different forms:

Premium lead generation works in a very transparent way. As consumers understand that they will be contacted, leads are responsive, targeted and as close as possible to making a purchasing decision. Lifestyle Media Group’s Premium Lead Generation service ensures all leads are tracked, time-stamped and therefore 100% GDPR-compliant giving our clients peace of mind when embarking on their lead nurturing programme.

“Lifestyle Media Group has proved a most successful channel for DFDS Seaways to target new customers and increase requests of both online and offline brochure requests.”
DFDS Seaways - Andrew Cooper - Marketing Manager

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