Whether your company produces a mail order catalogue, a holiday brochure or some other informative literature for the consumer - getting that information into the right hands and building your prospect database is always going to be a challenge.

It is not enough to offer your literature on your own website. Consumers requesting from your website are already there - they've already found your company - they may even already be an existing customer on your mailing database.

To grow your customer base - and who doesn't want to do that - you need your literature to reach a much wider audience - but that audience needs to be relevant and match your perfect demographic. It also needs to be cost-effective and stay within your budget.

Lego“The LEGO® Company has successfully worked with Lifestyle Media Group for many years. Their great customer service and intuitive website have been a valuable channel to target new customers and increase awareness of our catalogue and homepage.”
Lego - Mary Feakin - Marketing Executive

KEY FACT: Lifestyle Media Group's Lead Generation Platform will target your perfect demographic on a pay-for-results basis and working within the volumes you set. To meet the needs of its own large client base LMG generates more than 4 million catalogue and brochure requests every single year. More than 50% of our clients have been with us for over a decade regularly using our "request" services to find new customers ready to buy.

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Lifestyle Media Group has worked with thousands of businesses in the UK helping them to develop their lead generation strategies and grow their consumer databases . . . read about our clients

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